Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Students of Community Youth Development Institute,

Whether it’s “Welcome” or “Welcome Back,” enrolling your son/daughter in Community Youth Development Institute demonstrates support of your child’s education and success after high school. It remains our staff’s commitment to continue to strive to promote, maintain, and assist each student to meet high expectations for academic, civic, and social growth.

CYDI offers an innovative and exciting educational experience for all of our students. Our programs are blended learning where students get the best of everything; a combination of classroom and online learning (through which our students’ have access to curriculum and coursework 24/7), innovative workplace training, internships & certifications, afterschool activities, and highly qualified instructors on campus supporting the academic goals of each student. Our competency-based education approach allows students to advance based on their ability to master a skill at their own pace. CYDI’s innovative 3+1 Model offers multiple pathways to graduation and prepares students for college and career success. To that end, students can expect support, rigor and guidance every day of school.

At CYDI, we believe that support, combined with a safe and healthy learning environment, are critical for student success, and we are extremely proud of our school and the success our students experience. However, that success cannot be sustained without the support of all members of the school community. Students, parents, staff, and community leaders must partner productively in order for the school community to thrive. As always, we will be reaching out to support that partnership in many ways.

As our school continues to thrive, we look forward to expanding exciting learning opportunities for all students. On behalf of the administration, faculty, staff, and board of directors, welcome (or welcome back) to CYDI. We wish you a wonderful year ahead. It is our pleasure to continue to partner with you in educating our children.

Warm regards

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Keena Green, Principal