CYDI Graduated 44 students last year and every student completed either a job training,
internship or received college credit

CYDI believes that students learning is facilitated when instruction accommodates diversity among students. The success of the school relies on the collaborative efforts of all school personnel. As a collective team, we provide the needed assistance to administrators, teachers, instructional assistants, mentors counselors and students.

Our instructional content emphasizes personal responsibility, social development, career integration as well as self discipline, community involvement, and economic literacy.

Academic subjects are supported with

  • project based learning

  • problem and inquiry-based learning activities

  • contextual learning

  • interpersonal and interactive learning opportunities

  • authentic learning

  • engaged learning

  • participatory modes of instruction

  • team teaching

  • interdisciplinary teaching

  • seminars and group instruction

  • guest presentations

  • integrated math and science

  • and other alternate educational methodologies

The school has aligned the core curriculum to Common Core and College Readiness Standards. Our students will have the skills and access to succeed on the Compass exam for community colleges. The skill based curriculum promotes metacognitive mastery, higher order thinking for each unit, 21st century technology skills and the executive skills students lack but need for future success.